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World Class Wines in El Priorat

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Full Day

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Tailored Tours adventures through the Priorat exceeded our expectations and then some. I am a wine enthusiast, and after this trip

I can say that my wife has joined in my passion. We were exposed to the centuries old wine culture of this beautiful region. The visits & tastings were just excellent, and the descriptions and background gave us a lasting appreciation for how special these vineyards - and people - are. I'll be looking forward to drinking more wines from Priorat back home. Greatly recommended to winos and beginners!

- Joel Rittler

Discover what makes El Priorat
one of the world's great wine regions

We've selected El Priorat as an exemplary destination for its remarkable wines, charming hilltop hamlets, striking vistas & unique cultural heritage.


Monks from the Carthusian Monastery of Scala Dei, founded in 1194, were ruled by a feudal lord, or prior, giving rise to the region's name. It was only in the 1970s when a group of wine enthusiasts, recognizing the potential of its unique terroir of black slate and quartz - known in Catalan as llicorella - modernized ancient techniques and catapulted El Priorat to international fame. The region's rugged terrain means that nearly all work continues to be done in the ancestral method, by hand.

What to expect?


On this Full Day excursion we present a global vision of El Priorat's rise to stardom. Visits to two prominent wineries - the first, a pioneer in organic wine making; and the second, a traditional producer of international renown, show two different approaches of cultivating the same red grenache grape, among other varietals. Following the tastings we sit for a 3 course traditional Catalan country lunch.

Due to El Priorat's inaccessibility this experience is only available with private transportation.

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