We design exceptional cultural & culinary

experiences for the well-traveled


From countryside to city,

our award winning experiences

redefine the meaning of travel

In Barcelona

Celebrate the exhilarating artistic, cultural & gastronomic heritage of Barcelona

In Catalonia

Experience a deeper connection with the land,

its artisans & traditions 


Across Europe

Enhance your brand with exclusive access to Europe's

best places & personalities

"Personable, knowledgeable, passionate, responsive, all and more describe our introduction to Barcelona with Tailored Tours."

Neil Sheflin

"Humble, thoughtful & extremely knowledgeable about the culture, architecture and food scene.
The tour was exceptionally orchestrated,

down to every detail."

Nadia Gavrinko

"An exceptional cultural, intellectual &

social experience."

Matt Montekio

Jonathan Lerner put his passion for people, culture &

history to work when he founded Tailored Tours Barcelona."

Eliza Mills - NPR

Tailored Tours on NPR Weekend

Interview on Market Place Weekend - Jonathan Lerner, Founder of Tailored Tours

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