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Our award winning experiences are

a celebration of culture & cuisine,

inspired by the craft of artisans

and creators in Barcelona & beyond

This is travel, tailored

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The Artisan's Way

Delve into a dazzling world of color and creation alongside one of Barcelona's most visionary chefs and food designers, Xavi Morón.

This autumn, as Barcelona’s cuisine turns orange and yellow and seasonal mushrooms, roasted chestnuts and slow cooked stews take center stage, join Xavi on a private tour of La Boquería, Spain's most iconic market, before delighting in a multi-course meal in his stunning open kitchen.

4 Hours | Flexible Dates | Small Group Private Experience 


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Celebrate Sephardic Cuisine

Tucked deep into Barcelona's medieval Jewish Quarter is a 12th century house called Casa Adret.

It's here, after 500 years of silence, that food,
song & community are brought to life once again.

Join Tailored Tours on a culinary journey across continents & generations on a private dining experience celebrating Sephardic & Ashkenazi cuisines, set to a backdrop of living history, recipes & tradition.

3 Hours | Flexible Dates | Small Group Private Dining Experience 


Terra Alta.jpg

Discover Terra Alta

Just 2.5 hours from bustling Barcelona lies Terra Alta, a region of breathtaking natural beauty, a burgeoning wine scene, medieval villages & no shortage of rustic charm.

The source of inspiration for Picasso's earliest Cubist paintigs, today it's Terra Alta's award-winning artisans, access to spectacular nature & stunning country estates which confirm the region's rural revival.

Let Tailored Tours show you the best of Terra Alta.

Multi Day | Flexible Dates | Small Group  


In Barcelona

Explore Barcelona's

exhilarating art, culture & cuisine


In Catalonia

Delve deeper into

the land, its artisans & traditions


Across Europe

Customized journeys celebrate singular
places & personalities across Europe

"An exceptional cultural, intellectual &

social experience."

Matt Montekio

"Humble, thoughtful & extremely knowledgeable about the culture, architecture & food scene. The tour was exceptionally orchestrated, down to every detail."

Nadia Gavrinko

"Personable, knowledgeable, passionate, responsive, all and more describe

our introduction to Barcelona

with Tailored Tours."

Neil Sheflin

Jonathan Lerner put his passion for people,

culture & history to work when he founded

Tailored Tours Barcelona."

Eliza Mills - NPR

Listen to founder Jonathan Lerner on NPR Weekend

Interview on Market Place Weekend - Jonathan Lerner, Founder of Tailored Tours

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