Capture the perfect shot

alongside an internationally

awarded photographer

2 hours

Barcelona has beckoned artists for centuries - vivid, dynamic, confident - the city's street life is an assault on the senses. Join an internationally award-winning photographer on an open-air masterclass of the city's vibrant streets while harnessing the skills and tips needed to capture the perfect shot. Didactic and hands-on, this workshop is intended for photographers of all levels.


Unearth the rich history of Barcelona's photojournalism, where giants Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa immortalized some of their most enduring images, and learn the fascinating stories behind them.


With personalized attention and insight, guests gain an understanding of basic and advanced composition, technical tips, camera dynamics as well as suggestions for black & white and color photography. Individual interests such as portraiture, urban landscape and how to launch a successful social media page are encouraged. Digital, analog and smart phones are welcome.

One of, if not the best, tour I've ever done.

David Henry

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Photograph by José Varela

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