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Capture Barcelona's vibrant

street life with a professional photographer

Photography Masterclass

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 2 hours

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One of, if not the best, tour I've ever done."

- David Henry

Harness new skills & insider tips with an internationally
acclaimed photographer on
 an open-air masterclass

Join an internationally awarded photographer for an open-air masterclass of Barcelona's vibrant street life. Hands-on and didactic, this workshop is suited for photographers of all levels.

What to expect?

Barcelona has beckoned artists for centuries. Vivid, dynamic, confident - the city's street life is an assault on the senses. On this masterclass you will unearth the rich history of Barcelona's photojournalism, where giants Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa immortalized some of their most enduring images, while learning the fascinating stories behind them.


With personalized attention & insight, guests gain an understanding of basic and advanced composition, technical tips, camera dynamics as well as suggestions for black & white and color photography. Individual interests such as portraiture, urban landscape and how to launch a successful social media page are encouraged. Digital, analog and smart phones are welcome.

What's included?

Private tour with an internationally awarded photographer with personalized, hands-on instruction suited for all levels.

Photo courtesy of José Varela
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