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Gain fascinating insight to how art, politics and immigration shaped the city of Barcelona.

20th Century Barcelona Experience

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 2 hours

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The responsiveness to questions pre-booking was excellent as were ideas to personalize our experience. We learned so much about Barcelona and this great city’s history. I wouldn’t hesitate to book with Tailored Tours. Ours was a highly personalized, invaluable experience.

- Isabelle Alessandra

Fascinating, seductive & tumultuous -
join our in-house artist & historian
and unearth 20th Century Barcelona

From the early days of the 20th Century until today, Barcelona can be defined as fiercely political, creatively proud, sexually free & culturally defiant - nowhere is this attitude more palpable than in the district known as El Raval.


What to expect?

When progressive politics erupted in a barbarous Civil War in 1936, Barcelona's liberalism attracted literary & artistic giants the likes of Hemingway, Orwell, Picasso & Capa. All spent significant time in El Raval's streets & cafés - now we follow in their footsteps.

Where medieval convents stand alongside anarchist bookstores & trendy coffee shops, colorful pockets of immigrant communities live side by side in an eclectic expression of old and new. On this street by street discovery, we celebrate the journey of this fascinating quarter in all its facets - from war to peace, immigration to gentrification, neglect to prosperity. To this day El Raval continues to defy, enthrall and inspire all who visit.

What's included?

Our in-house artist and historian leads you through the storied Raval district with visits to decadent convents-turned-bookstores; the site of Barcelona's most prominent Civil War era anarchist book publisher, still open today; the famed streets and cafés where Picasso, Hemingway and Orwell frequented; several plazas, tree-lined promenades and cultural spaces, for a greater understanding of the neighborhood's immigrant past and modern-day gentrification.

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