A century marked by creative

exuberance in the face

of upheaval

2 hours

From the days of the Spanish Civil War until today, Barcelona's character -  fiercely political, creatively expressive, sexually free, culturally defiant - is nowhere more palpable than in El Raval district.


Join our in-house artist & historian to unearth the fascinating last century, at once seductive and tumultuous, when progressive politics, barbarous Civil War and a burgeoning creative scene beckoned literary and artistic giants the likes of Hemingway, Orwell, Picasso and Capa. All spent significant time in El Raval's streets and cafés, and we follow in their footsteps.

Medieval convents remain alongside anarchist bookstores and trendy coffee shops and colorful pockets of immigrant communities live side by side in an eclectic expression of old and new. El Raval continues to defy, enthrall and inspire.

The responsiveness to questions pre-booking was excellent as were ideas to personalize our experience. We learned so much about Barcelona and this great city’s history. I wouldn’t hesitate to book with Tailored Tours. Ours was a highly personalized, invaluable experience.

Isabelle Alessandra

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