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2 hours


Barcelona's Call, or medieval Jewish quarter, was the largest in all of Catalonia, and once comprised more than 10% of the city's total population. Who were these people, where did they come from, where did they go, and what legacy did they leave Sephardi Jewry and Spain at large? 

A fascinating street by street exploration of El Call illuminates everyday life in 9th-14th century Barcelona, including how the Jewish community lived, the professions they practiced, the contributions they made to medieval Catalan society and their relationship to the non-Jewish world. 

The Golden Age of Jewish culture in Barcelona directly coincided with the expansion of the Catalan crown throughout the Mediterranean. For that reason, as many historically significant sites in the city's Jewish story are located outside of the medieval Jewish Quarter as within. Visits include the storybook Felip Neri Square, Saint Jaime's Square, Plaza Nova and most importantly La Plaza del Rey, where the infamous Disputation of The Ramban versus the Church took place in the 13th century.


We will discuss what life was like leading up to the community's fateful expulsion as well as share what a budding Jewish cultural life looks like in contemporary Barcelona, after 500 years of silence. 

Included is a guided visit to the medieval synagogue, unique in all of Europe.

"Jonathan's tour of Barcelona's Jewish Quarter was fascinating."

Richard Eilers, Travel Writer at The Guardian