Join a professional docent

and unravel the life & œuvre

of the brilliant Surrealist genius

Half Day

Salvador Dalí was a daring figure since his earliest days. Widely accepted as the face of Surrealism, his non-conformist behavior and audacious public persona challenged society, uprooted popular culture and changed the way we perceive art. On a private tour in the company of a professional docent we look beyond the artists' widely known works to unravel his life and delve into 8 decades of brilliant artistic output.

Designed by the artist himself, The Dalí Museum is undoubtedly one of the most unique art spaces in Europe. The collection houses the impressive range of the artist's œuvre, from early oil paintings and sketches to mature surrealist masterpieces, full-room installations and exhibits. The museum offers guests an
intimate glimpse into both the artistic and personal influences which shaped Dalí's worldview.

This experience is offered as 1/2 Day, or Full Day when combined with a visit to Girona.

A visit to The Dalí Museum with

Gemma is a must!

Andrea Wasserman

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