Discover the flavor, flair & innovation

of Catalan cuisine and what makes Barcelona one of the world's most exciting

culinary destinations

3 hours

Behind the world of tapas lies a culinary universe, as varied as it is complex, waiting to be celebrated, savored and most importantly, shared.

While we respect the title of "foodie", we prefer to call ourselves gastronomes - and in doing so elevate the food experience to the social; the historical; the censorial; the joy & the innovation behind each dish.

From trendy vermouth bars to farm-to-table km0 restaurants, artisanal charcuterie and cheeses to conversation-stopping desserts, our gastronomes lead you through Barcelona's back streets and "in the know" locales on this exquisite culinary experience.

Guests will meet the chefs behind the dishes, gain an understanding of Spain's diverse grape varietals and delight in local anecdotes. The evening spans 3 hours with each hour dedicated to a different location, cuisine and culinary ethos, leaving our guests with full bellies and stories to share.


Your tapas and wine bar tours provided an intimate and fascinating view of Barcelona and mapped out great culinary adventures.

David Lawrason, Wine Critic, Wine Align

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