Mystical & beguiling,

the cradle of Kabbalah

on the Iberian Peninsula

Half or Full Day


The cradle of Kabbalah on the Iberian Peninsula and home to Catalan Jewry's most illustrious son, Moshe ben Nachman, Girona played a pivotal roll in the development of medieval Jewry not only in Spain but the world over. While Barcelona was the larger, administrative capital of medieval Catalan Jewry, Girona was her intellectual and spiritual sister.


Glimpse at the now empty slots chiseled out of stone where families once hung their mezuzah and gaze at the most important collection of medieval Jewish headstones in all of the Iberian Peninsula in the Girona Jewish History Museum. Stepping outside of the Jewish Quarter we will visit 11th century Arabic Baths as well as one of the most important Romanesque churches in all of Catalonia.


Ideal as a Half Day excursion or combined with a private visit to the Dalí Museum as a Full Day excursion.

We have traveled all over the world. Jonathan's Gothic tour was informative and intriguing that we asked him the very next day to go with us to Girona and give us a tour of the Jewish Quarter there as well.

Amit & Etty Hasak

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