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In search of Picasso in

La Terra Alta

Following in the Footsteps of a Giant

In 1898, a 16 year old Picasso spent the summer in the village of Horta de Sant Joan, deep in the Catalan countryside. Its farmers, rural values & traditional way of life inspired the young painter like never before. Upon his return 10 years later Picasso created his first Cubist paintings inspired by the geometry of Horta's houses and changed the art world forever.

Explore the picturesque landscape that captivated Picasso more than 100 years ago. Meet local olive oil artisans & discover the still untouched beauty of this tucked away region.

Journey through

El Priorat

An International Wine Region is Born

We've selected El Priorat as an exemplary destination for its remarkable wines, fascinating hilltop villages, striking landscapes & unique cultural heritage.

El Priorat has produced grapes since ancient Roman times but it was only in the 1970s that a group of wine enthusiasts, recognizing the potential of its terroir, turned El Priorat into one of the most exciting wine regions in the world.


Discover internationally acclaimed wines on private tastings in the region's most prestigious wineries & learn firsthand how this rugged terrain requires intensive labor and unwavering dedication to craft.

Costa Brava,

in the steps of 

Walter Benjamin

The Fateful Exile of a Genius

In the midst of WWII, Berlin-born philosopher Walter Benjamin fled his native country in search of intellectual & religious freedom. However, his journey and his life were cut short in the Spanish border town of Portbou.

Learn of Benjamin's fascinating story in this sleepy village of spectacular beauty, part of a larger tale of man's escape, exile and search for freedom.

El Penedès,

The heart of

cava country 

For Most Catalans Cava is a Way of Life

From ancestral practices to bio-dynamic wine making, gain a fuller understanding of the vital role that cava plays in celebrating day to day Catalan culture and meet the families who dedicate their lives to it.


Discover the cava making process from seed to bottle, descend into generations-old cellars and taste several vintage cavas on an unforgettable picnic in the vineyards of small-scale family producers.

Medieval Girona,

the cradle of

Jewish Heritage

The Birthplace of Kabbalah in Spain

Girona's roll in the development of medieval Jewry cannot be underestimated. While Barcelona was the capital city, Girona was her intellectual and spiritual sister.


Glimpse at the now empty slots of chiseled stone where families once hung their mezuzah and admire the most important collection of medieval Jewish headstones in the Iberian Peninsula in Girona's Jewish History Museum. Step outside the Jewish Quarter to visit 11th century Arabic Baths as well as some of the most important Romanesque architecture in all of Catalunya.

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