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Barcelona's Gothic Quarter is a showcase of more than 2,000 years of fascinating architecture & anecdotes

The Gothic Quarter Experience

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2 or 4 hours

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Through a combination of historical narrative, engaging story telling and spontaneous, authentic conversation, we were able to utilize lessons learned from each tour and navigate our way back through the Gothic Quarter.

- Robert Czeck

Few neighborhoods in the world hold
the charm, the history, the energy -
as Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

Unique, proud, festive, confident - Barcelona has a character all its own.  From the ancient Romans and lavish Moors to Jewish merchants and mighty Catalan Counts, all left an indelible mark on the city. Delight in colorful anecdotes & fascinating histories which define this sun-drenched city on the Mediterranean, with an arts, architecture, culinary and design scene second to none.


What to expect?


Shared in an intimate touring experience with one of Tailored Tours experts, we meet local producers and learn the stories behind the city's most iconic shops, artisans & craftsmen. From the ancient Roman necropolis to Barcelona's imposing Gothic Cathedral, we visit the tucked away square of Sant Felip Neri, La Plaza del Rey and the elegant 19th century Plaza Real. Discover El Born, the medieval district of artisans which until today retains its affluent air. Designer boutiques and magnificent architecture lead us toward Santa Maria Del Mar Basilica, at once massive and ethereal. We conclude at The Born Cultural Center, a stunning example of Modernist architecture, both city icon and popular neighborhood hub.

What's included?

Discover the richness of Barcelona's 2,000 years of art, architecture & culture, as well as the city's iconic shops & artisans, with thoughtful insight and colorful anecdotes of an expert guide.

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