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We design singular cultural & culinary
experiences for the well-traveled

In Barcelona & Beyond


As an American living in Spain, my fascination with the country has evolved from those wondrous first encounters into a mature expression of the craft, culture & creativity found in Spain's cities & hidden gems dotting its rolling countryside.

Travel is a celebration -- of place & nuance, of a region's secrets & savoir faire. Since launching Tailored Tours in 2017, we continue to seek what transforms us as travellers. The relationships we forge and traditions we celebrate transcend our collective journey - enriching & transforming both traveller and local heritage. Our passion for creating unique moments is met with the utmost attention to the safety & health of all our guests.

That's why we've expanded our destinations to bridge the creative buzz of the city with the craft & savoir faire of the open countryside -- in Terra Alta, one of Spain's most exciting up & coming regions, where Picasso created his first Cubist masterpieces more than 100 years ago; and El Matarraña, aptly nicknamed The Tuscany of Spain. It's an honor to share our experiences, passions & savoir faire with you.

Jonathan Lerner, Founder


As travel experts, we design singular 

experiences which celebrate the culture,

people & unique savoir faire of a region. 

Tailored Tours is a team of art historians

& gastronomes, designers & visual

storytellers, photographers & street artists. 

Our team

Jonathan Lerner Founder


Originally from New Jersey, USA, Jonathan graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania with a dual degree in International Relations & Spanish History, continuing his studies in Arts Management at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. After several years working in real estate management between Spain & Belgium, he found that his true passion and relentless curiosity in art history, architecture, music, Modernist thought & Jewish Heritage met their ideal expression in Barcelona. Jonathan has led travel groups in Latin America and curated cultural experiences for brands & foundations across Europe. It is his mission to re-brand the concept of tourism as a thought-provoking and transformative experience.

Maddalena Relli Gastronome

madda relli bio pic.jpg

Maddalena grew up in the cradle of the Renaissance in Florence, Italy. Daughter of a coffee purveyor, Maddalena has studied, advised & worked in gastronomy all of her life. After receiving her Masters from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, she joined Slow Food, researching & leading study trips all over the world - from Spain to Chile to Albania - to better understand the role gastronomy has in defining culture. As versatile as she is resourceful, Maddalena has consulted for Slow Food & Autogrill and currently lives in Provence, France. Her curiosity for and knowledge of  food, drink & custom is matched by a deep-rooted philosophy in gastronomic sustainability. 

Luke Watson Street Artist & Historian


Luke has been a citizen of Barcelona for nearly a decade, although he will tell you in perfect Spanish or Catalan that he proudly comes from Johannesburg, South Africa. His background in design led him to work with a renowned fashion house in London before his move to Barcelona, where the Mediterranean & a vibrant arts scene fuel his passion. Luke finds the label of 'tour guide' as outdated and lackluster and prefers to think of himself as "a Master of Experiences, seeking not only to show people the fascinating places in the world, but to make them come alive." Luke's innate skill for storytelling, charisma, far-reaching anecdotes & sense of humor follow him and every tour he leads across Europe.

Erik Ossell Professional Guide & Avid Traveler


As professional guide in Barcelona & the greater area for over 6 years, Erik, a native Minnesotan, has called Spain home since 2008. A prolific traveler, Erik spends months each year exploring the farthest corners of the globe, incorporating his fascination for culture, history & cuisine into his tours. His deep seated passion for Barcelona's complex history, politics & social diversity are shared with both insight and sensitivity. With degrees in Political Science and Spanish, Erik has held management positions at Citi Bank and The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Masterful storyteller and genuine people person, Erik's mission is to reveal those places and perspectives that would normally elude the traveler, and in doing so move people in a lasting way.

José Varela  In loving memory of our friend, colleague & photographer (1974-2020)


Born in Cádiz, Spain, José was captivated from an early age by photography & video at a time when the world still shot on film and spun video cassette. After years as a press photographer, José graduated from the University of Catalonia Polytech with honors in Photography & Multimedia, going on to develop a mature body of work across social journalism, fashion & industrial photography, digital editing & 3D design. With numerous awards & publications, José's work has been exhibited publicly and is held in private collections. José taught Photography at the IDEP Institute for Advanced Studies in Barcelona and believed that the pleasure of creating with a camera is the greatest gift a human being may have.


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Interview on Market Place Weekend - Jonathan Lerner, Founder of Tailored Tours
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Since 2016 we support AIDA, a Barcelona-based NGO dedicated to the advancement

of cultural development at home and abroad and firmly committed to

Barcelona's future cultural engagement. Read more about AIDA here.

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