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Palma de Mallorca, The Pearl of The Mediterranean

Canada's Great Kitchen Party (formerly Gold Medal Plates) is a leading fundraiser for the Canadian Olympic Games, based in Toronto. Their approach to fundraising is multi-tiered and brutally creative - live concerts, dinners and auctions fund not only upcoming star athletes but also support music & food education in primary schools across Canada.


One of the pillars of their work are auction trips to destinations around the world, and as long term partners Tailored Tours has consulted and curated historical, gastronomic and cultural experiences for over 500 guests to date in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Antwerp, Belgium & Reims, France.


From catamaran excursions in the Mediterranean to river cruises through Belgium, Tailored Tours continues to provide creative as well as logistical support to the Great Kitchen Party and we look forward to expanding our collaboration outside of Europe. 

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