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It's time to travel again.

It's time to travel differently.

Welcome to Journeys.

The next generation

of immersive small group travel

The world has changed. And so has travel.

Our answer is Journeys.


Journeys are exceptionally crafted

small group travel experiences.

Journeys are intimate celebrations

of a city, a countryside, and the extraordinary people who unite them.

Journeys are dining in the chef's kitchen,

tastings in the family vineyard,

and delighting in spectacular hotels.

Journeys prioritize the health & safety

of our guests, and are limited to 8 people.


It's time to travel. Welcome to Journeys.

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Journey in Spain

From private supper clubs in Barcelona to spectacular nature in Te


Premium Spain Box includes

  • 1 Bottle MUSIVARI 2007 Grand Reserve Brut Nature Cava Guilera

    Did you know?
    La Matarraña, penned “The Tuscany of Spain” in Vogue Magazine, is home to a concentration of villages boasting the official status “The Most Beautiful Towns in Spain.” Its hilltop villages of baroque and gothic architecture and growing collection of luxury rural hotels are dotted among rolling fields of almond, olive and grape vines. This is one of our favorite rising regions in Spain!


  • 1 Bottle ELS SERRATS 2017 Chardonnay - White Grenache Venta d’Aubert

    Did you know?
    Wine making in El Priorat was introduced by Carthusian monks in the 11th century, however its rise to international fame came in the 1970s when a group of French & Spanish oenologists, recognizing the potential of its terroir, modernized dated techniques. Characterized by steep hills, nearly all labor is carried out by hand, with extreme temperature fluctuation yielding a low production of exceptional quality. Today El Priorat's annual yield is 1/3 ton per acre compared to Central California's 10.


  • 1 Bottle COSTERS DE L’ERMITA 2013 Celler Mas Igneus DOQ Priorat Robert PARKER 92+

    Did you know?
    While Identitat’s olive trees date between 200 - 450 years old, old growth olive trees in the region have been aged at over 2,000 years old, most likely planted by the ancient Romans.


  • 1 Bottle Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ecological Empeltre Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil, southern Catalonia Identitat

    Did you know?  
    While Identitat’s olive trees date between 200 - 450 years old, old growth olive trees in the region have been aged at over 2,000 years old, most likely planted by the ancient Romans.


  • 1 Bottle X Saké

    Did you know?  
    Rice cultivation in the Delta of the Ebro River has taken place since the 1700s. A UNESCO protected site, Sake


  • 1 Bottle Reserve Vermouth

    Did you know?
    Sweet vermouth, used in North America in Negronis is not to be confused with dry vermouth, used in Manhattans? An aged macerated in up to 45 different herbs and spices, sweet vermouth’s origins are traced back to 19th century Torino, Italy, and soon spread throughout the Mediterranean where it is beloved in Barcelona to accompany salty tapas such as almonds, olives and aged cheeses.

From long aged Grand Reserve cava to the power and finesse of El Priorat to the recently named Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Catalonia, this bespoke holiday collection includes the finest small labels to be explored and savored with family & friends.

Each bottle has been hand-selected based on the artisan's philosophy, exceptional quality and commitment to sustainable agriculture. The result is a celebration of land, craft and innovation as expressed through 6 different traditions: from the international renown of El Priorat to the exciting up-and-coming regions of Terra Alta and La Matarraña.

As with all we do, Tailored Tours wishes to share in the rich cultural & gastronomic diversity of Spain by granting access to the country’s most coveted places, products & personalities.

Don’t miss this very special opportunity to reserve your own Premium Holiday Box or send as a personalized gift.

Countryside_Terra Alta.JPG

« As with all we do, Tailored Tours wishes to share in the rich cultural & gastronomic diversity of Spain by granting access to the country’s most coveted places, products & personalities.» 

— Jonathan Lerner



Expert Guides

Authors, historians, cultural experts, museum directors, musicians & chefs join us throughout the week

Insider Access

Guests are granted privileged access to houses, concerts & dinners otherwise closed to the public in addition to private tours, visits & panels

Intimate Touring

Limited to 25 guests to ensure thoughtful, engaging experiences



1 Bottle MUSIVARI 2007 Grand Reserve Brut Nature Cava Guilera

- Gift 1 -

Cava Guilera is a 4th generation cava producer from El Penedès, located at the foot of Montserrat mountain in the heart of Spain's sparkling wine country.


Musivari is their multi award-winning Grand Reserve and winner of Best Cava in Spain 2017. Crafted under the expert eye of veteran cava master Pere Guilera, this flagship bottle is aged an exceptional 140 months.


The result is deep and delicate with a wonderfully refined body, golden in tone, perfectly balanced fruit and acidity and small, elegant bubbles.


Cava Guilera are leaders in long barrel aged Grand Reserve cavas, which account for just 2% of Spain’s annual cava production.

The Golden Age of Sepharad

Join an expert for a fascinating walk through 10th-14th century streets in what was once Catalonia’s most important medieval Jewish community.


Following lunch we will meet at Casa Adret for a presentation of the Illuminated Haggadot of 14th century Catalonia, its impressive thematic variety

a testament to the great legacy of Catalan Jewry.

Sunset drink with 360 degree view of Barcelona.

- Day 2 -

Girona & Besalú

– The Soul of Catalan Jewry –

- Day 3 -

Following breakfast we visit medieval Girona, the cradle of Kabbalah in Spain and home to some of the most relevant Jewish sites in Catalonia. We meet with Assumpció Hosta, Director of the Jewish Museum of Girona, to gain insight into how the city deals with its Jewish legacy 500 years after expulsion. An expert led tour hints at the prestige & piety of Girona’s medieval community.

Lunch in nearby Besalú, once a thriving medieval center of trade whose imposing 11th century Romanesque bridge still straddles the Fluvià river. We will visit the exceptionally preserved mikveh, one of the only remaining in Spain.

In the afternoon we depart for Sort, a small village in the Pyrenees, to sleep at the same family-run hotel that housed Jewish exiles, and enjoy a traditional Catalan dinner.

Persecuted & Saved

– A Harrowing Saga –

- Day 4 -

We will be joined by Josep Calvet, historian & author of the breakthrough 2014 work entitled Persecuted & Saved. In his highly original research Mr Calvet recounts the epic tale of the thousands of Central European Jews who clandestinely trekked over the Pyrenees and into Spain on the eve of World War II. 


Departing from Sort we reach Alós d’Isil by 4x4 vehicle, stopping to contemplate magnificent mountain landscapes and sites of poignant historical memory.


Following lunch we visit El Camí de la Llibertat [Freedom’s Path] a prison-turned-museum where intercepted refugees were arrested. A moving homage and the only preserved memorial space in Spain related to this historical episode.

We return to Barcelona for a free evening.

Jewish Life in

20th Century Barcelona

- Day 5 -

In the morning we are joined by Manu Valentín, historian & author of the recently published Voces Caídas del Cielo [Fallen Voices from Heaven], a brand new corpus of research documenting the short lived community of Central European Jewish exiles who settled in Barcelona in the mid 1930s. Based on interviews of refugees and their descendants, Mr Valentín rescues the memory of the protagonists and elevates their personal experiences to the degree of historical events.

His work deftly encourages debate on issues rarely addressed in Spain's history, such as the covert persecution of Jews and the undoubtedly timely topic of antisemitism in Western Europe today.

Guests are invited to Casa Adret for an intimate Shabbat dinner hosted by Toldot. The dinner will be followed by a concert of traditional Sephardic music performed by

Ofer Ronen in the patio.

In the morning we visit Fossar de la Pedrera, the city's only public Holocaust memorial, to recite Kaddish alongside members of the Barcelona Jewish community.


Following lunch we explore the genius of Antoni Gaudí on an expert led tour across the city's magnificent collection of Modernist houses. With 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to his name in Barcelona alone, Gaudí’s avant-garde style epitomize all that modern Barcelona connotes.


Evening concert at El Palau de la Música, The Catalan Palace of Music,  Lluís Domènec’s 1907 Modernist masterpiece and UNESCO Site.

Music & Architecture 

 Barcelona's Modernist Gems

- Day 6 -

Breakfast & Farewells

- Day 7 -

Guests join on the rooftop for breakfast & farewells.



jon photo profile_small.jpg

Jonathan Lerner

Director, At the borders of memory

Founder, Tailored Tours Barcelona

In 2016 Jonathan Lerner founded Tailored Tours Barcelona, a creative travel studio specialized in curating unique cultural & gastronomic experiences across Europe. His projects reside at the intersection of the arts and storytelling, having consulted for and hosted foundations, lifestyle brands & media companies across Spain, Italy, France & Belgium.


Victor Sorenssen

President, Mozaika

Director, AEPJ

Former Director of the Jewish Community of Barcelona and founding member of Mozaika, a trailblazing Jewish cultural platform based in Barcelona. With a background in Political Science and Hebrew Philology, Victor is current Director of AEPJ, The European Association for the Promotion & Development of Jewish Heritage and Culture in Europe.


Manu Valentin

Historian & Author

Director of Communication, AEPJ

Author of several books, most recently Voces Caídas del Cielo: Historia del Exilio Judío en Barcelona, de 1881 a 1954 (Comanegra, 2019) [Fallen Voices from Heaven: The Story of Jewish Exile in Barcelona from 1881 to 1954], Manu has dedicated much of his research to the study of Jewish exile towards the Spanish state in the 20th century. He is currently a member of Mozaika.



Logo AEPJ.png






  • Itinerary: 7 days, 6 nights

  • Activity Level: Easy

  • Cost: From $5,499 per person

  • Deposit: $500 per person

  • Full Payment Due: March 1, 2020

  • Arrival Date: May 11, 2020

  • Departure Date: May 17, 2020

  • 4 & 5 Star Luxury Accommodations in Barcelona

  • Family-run Rural Lodging in Sort

  • Local ground transportation

  • All tours, concerts & museum entrances

  • All Breakfasts

  • 4 dinners, 4 lunches

  • Gratuities to hotel staff & drivers

"Jonathan's tour of Barcelona's Jewish Quarter was fascinating."

Richard Eilers, Travel Writer at The Guardian

"Humble, thoughtful & extremely knowledgeable about the culture, architecture and food scene.
The tour was exceptionally orchestrated,

down to every detail."

Nadia Gavrinko

"An exceptional cultural, intellectual &

social experience."

Matt Montekio

At the borders of  memory 

1,000 Years of Jewish Cultural Heritage in Catalunya




Reserve your place with a $500 deposit per person. For queries, press & reservations contact

Thanks! Message sent.

The Fine Print: Tour price of $5,499 is based on double room occupancy. The price for single room occupancy is $5,899. There are a limited number of single occupancy rooms available for this trip. Tour price includes the deposit. Local transportation in Spain does not include personally booked travel between airports, hotels, or other payments not arranged by Tailored Tours Barcelona. Travel insurance and other personal expenses are not included in the price of this trip. We reserve the right to change the itinerary in case of unforeseeable circumstances. Final payment is due by March 1, 2020. 

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