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Food, Wine & Culture

in Catalonia, Spain

VinePair is the largest online publication of wine, beer and spirits in the United States with nearly 5 million unique monthly readers. Together we created a 5 day journey featuring the best of wine, food and culture in Barcelona and around Catalonia, Spain. Guests had .

Tailored Tours team of experts led walking tours highlighting the rich cultural heritage of Barcelona, including a masterclass from the oldest almond roaster in the city, an intimate market tour of artisan chocolate, cheeses and charcuterie led by our gastronomic expert, an exploration of the medieval wonders in the Gothic Quarter and a discovery of the life and work of Antoni Gaudí.

As the first trip in VinePair's readership travel series, Tailored Tours looks forward to bringing the best of food, drink & culture to future VinePair journeys around Europe and the world.

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